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Re-branding one’s leadership style can prove very effective for the team and the running of a business. Leadership isn’t exclusive to leading a group of people. It is also about leading one’s self. Sometimes the duties of being a successful leader are forgotten or can prove to be a challenge to apply consistently. There are a few common qualities that define exemplary leadership and are fundamental to the progression of individuals within a business. People can take their leadership to a new level for the New Year by remembering the following:

A Mental Health Day
Some businesses often underestimate or overlook the significance of mental health. One of the priorities a leader should have is his/her team’s mental condition. Companies sometimes have a reputation for sacrificing their employees’ mental stability for the sake of quantity or production. Leaders should dedicate a day out of the month specifically to their teammates and employees’ mental health. This day can be an extra day taken off to decompress. Or, leaders can use this day to recognize mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or feeling overworked. When individuals feel cared for, they can perform better at their jobs.

Take Moments for Self-Reflection
Self-reflection should be encouraged by the leader as it allows individuals to look back at the successes and failures of the year. By assessing what could be done differently, self-reflection helps people not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Reflection is a necessary component for success as people can create a better plan of action or a more effective approach to their projects and job-related matters.

Develop Work Plans for the Team
Leaders should remember to work with their team and help them develop personalized growth plans. A personalized growth plan is a plan of action a person makes based on their personal values, goals, introspection, and awareness. A personalized growth plan is excellent for self-improvement and personal development within the context of one’s career, interpersonal relationships, education, etc. Thus, one is better prepared to accomplish greater things in the new year.

Recognize All Contributions
All contributions to a project, work task, or to the business should be recognized. A leader shouldn’t just focus on the mistakes their team members make. They should also give credit to employees’ successes with praise and encouragement. This will boost employee morale and motivate workers to challenge themselves.